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Butterfly Consulting is a help center for families with Special Needs Children.

We assist families with members with Special Needs advocate for education, healthcare, housing, transportation, and employment.  Our help comes through personal contact in-person and online.  We meet with families to learn of their needs.  People with disabilities, who are unable to meet in person, receive personal care through online contact and webinars.  We work to connect people with disabilities to community-based resources which include, but are not limited to, fiduciary relationships, local and state government opportunities, education, healthcare, housing, transportation, and employment.  We specialize in specific care offered to each individual and family.  We help create plans of care for education, healthcare, employment, and daily care.  We look forward to assisting you throughout your journey.  Contact us today to take the next step in your child’s future.

Our Founder

Pamela studied family dynamics for many years leading to her studies at Kennesaw State University where she graduated with a degree in Psychology.  Her studies focused on life span development and group dynamics.  As she was graduating from college, she delivered a child with Down syndrome.  Pamela’s entire world changed.  Now she needed to use her degree for herself and her family.  While the many decisions became exceptionally overwhelming, she began to learn the path in front of her.  Charles, Pamela’s son, was born with 3 holes in his heart.  Immediately, the entire family was thrust into a whole new world.  This new world had many new people.  Pamela began to assist these new people by founding and starting “The Cobb Club”, a support group for families with members with Down syndrome.  Pamela encouraged other families, provided child care for special and typical children, developed community relationships, and securing educational speakers.  These speakers educated families on topics such as financial preparation, legal preparation, Medicaid applications, and assistance with medical issues typically associated with children with Down syndrome.


As Pamela learned to navigate the medical and educational challenges, she began to assist families in completing forms that were necessary to help the children with Special needs.  Pamela learned how to find answers to assist families within the disability community.  She has spent more than 15 years successfully completing documentation necessary to assist her son with Down syndrome.  This experience is exceptionally helpful to families in the same situation and she looks to help families navigate the murky waters of assistance for families with disabilities.  Pamela wants to help your family successfully maneuver IEP, 504 documents, and deeming waiver paperwork.  Put her experience to work for your family.

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What we can offer your family.

What is my next step? That question crosses every parents mind, but never more than parents finding out their child has special needs. Whether at birth, before birth, or just after diagnosis, every parent wonders which step to take next. We can help. After many steps, we have learned how to navigate the overwhelming and confusing road on a trip no one plans to take. As in “Welcome to Holland”, not many families plan to have a family member with special needs. Once the family realizes they have entered a foreign land, they may look for the next step. Butterfly consultants are the welcoming committee. We want to assist you in finding the path that’s right for you. We will walk with you as you need our assistance. We will teach you the paths we have found. Our experience will guide you into the next stage, aiding in transforming you into the new, more beautiful self. A butterfly, you too, will become.

We assist people and families with Special Needs evaluate and modify Individual Education Plans for Public and Private schools. We assist families understand IDEA and important school decisions.

We assist people with disabilities learn self-advocacy through in-person, group sessions, and online webinars. We assist families and individuals in connecting to community based assistance in education, housing, healthcare, transportation, and employment.

We advocate on behalf of families and individuals who are at risk of civil rights discrimination in areas such as fiduciary relationships, local and state governments, healthcare, education, housing, transportation, and employment.

We assist individuals and families compile and complete new applications, as well as, review current Deeming Waivers to ensure acceptance and renewal.

We assist families and individuals to connect with experts in the fields of education, financial, and legal planning to ensure a successful journey through estate planning, trust creation, Guardianship, and educational planning. Take advantage of our relationships throughout the community.

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