What is my next step? That question crosses every parents mind, but never more than parents finding out their child has special needs. Whether at birth, before birth, or just after diagnosis, every parent wonders which step to take next. We can help. After many steps, we have learned how to navigate the overwhelming and confusing road on a trip no one plans to take. As in “Welcome to Holland”, not many families plan to have a family member with special needs. Once the family realizes they have entered a foreign land, they may look for the next step. Butterfly consultants are the welcoming committee. We want to assist you in finding the path that’s right for you. We will walk with you as you need our assistance. We will teach you the paths we have found. Our experience will guide you into the next stage, aiding in transforming you into the new, more beautiful self. A butterfly, you too, will become

The Three stages of life

Options of scheduling time

Free 15 minute Introductory Consultation

Schedule your call Your time is valuable. Your family has specific needs. Click the button below today to schedule time for us to discuss your child’s and family’s current needs. I can help you determine, create, and implement the most effective plan for your child, or loved one, with Special Needs. We will discuss specific aspects about your child, your child’s current situation, your desire for your child moving toward the future, and how my services will help you achieve your educational, situational, and vocational aspirations and goals. I look forward to our conversation.

Evaluation of Documentation

Review of Situation Each person has individual needs. One plan does not fit all. Each situation can feel confusing and daunting. Schedule a consultation and allow me to help clear the confusion and frustration. I can guide you on an effective path for your loved one with Special Needs. In order to help, I will review your current documentation, discuss options offered by your team, suggest options for your team, and create a roadmap to effectively achieve your goals. We will take the time you need, as each situation differs from another. Contact me to discuss which of my services will best fit your needs.

Accessing an Advocate

Professional Support There comes a time when the confusion and frustration become overwhelming. Families need someone to walk with them down this path. Finding someone to guide you down this path can relieve confusion and frustration. I am that someone who will offer you expert guidance and support. I can attend any school based IEP, 504, RTI, and behavior manifestation meeting. Before the meeting, I will guide you in letter/email writing, creating parental concerns and goals, and offer methods of documentation and organization of records. Ongoing virtual coaching and updating relative information are also available. These options will allow you to avoid the “potholes” that can so easily damage opportunity for your loved one. Please be assured that, as your advocate, your child and your family remain my primary focus. Together, we will find the Win-Win situation. Schedule your consultation today.

Guide me to Resources

Family Options Resources can offer you options not previously known. Helping families become the most strong and colorful butterfly comes from wrestling with decisions for your loved one. Resources open the possibilities for your family. Click on the button below to access updated resources that will educate and assist you with educational, government and community programs, and vocational options for your loved one.

Evaluation of Documentation

Have you ever experienced an IEP meeting when you could not place your finger on that one thing that could help your child master that skill or overcome that obstacle? Have you ever wondered what other options are available for your child, loved one, or family? How is it possible that some students have individual attention, but your child remains in a group setting? As parents, we have all found ourselves with these and other questions about the process or implementation of our child’s educational or vocational plans. I have spent the last two decades studying the questions and options available to our families. You need an evaluation of your current documentation to guide you in creating the path that can most effectively benefit your loved one with Special Needs. I can help. I will review each of the documents you send to find opportunities to create a better plan. I will show you the possibilities available to your loved one and make suggestions as to how you can access the services offered by the government and community. Upon completion, you will receive a roadmap toward your aspirations and goals. Additional coaching will keep you updated with information that will allow you to avoid the “potholes” that can so easily damage opportunities available. Contact me for your consultation and evaluation.

Creation of Plan

No two plans are the same, nor should they be. No two students respond to intervention exactly the same. That’s what makes the Individual Education Program, the Individual Family Service Plan, the Response to Intervention, and the behavior plan so unique. The “one size fits all” approach is not the most effective plan for your loved one. It’s time to create a plan that offers your loved one and family the most effective options. We can create a plan that best suits your needs. As your child grows and your loved one develops, we can change the plan again to make the plan fit correctly. You would not expect a child with a Kindergarten understanding to create a resume, neither would you expect a child with Special Needs to master every skill at 100%. Yet, time, and again, plans are created to best suit those attempting to implement the plan without full regard to the child who needs the plan to aid in their development. One size does not fit all. I will help you create a plan that best fits your child, loved one, and family today while guiding them toward their brightest tomorrow.

Implementation of Plan

Americans with Disabilities Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provide opportunities for our families with loved ones with Special Needs. Often the plans we create are not followed by those assigned to the task. That’s when understanding the importance of proper implementation. There will come a time in every student’s academic career that your family will need an advocate. An advocate will take the best interest of the child as their primary goal. I am that advocate. I will work to find the Win-Win solution within the IEP, IFSP, RTI, or behavior manifestation meeting. Any meeting that does not seek to obtain balance for all involved, will cause the student to receive the short end of the stick. Opportunities abound. We may need to get a bit creative in the delivery of services, but taking that approach will ensure the most effective delivery of services for your loved one with Special Needs. Schedule your consultation today to obtain your guide in navigating the road of a loved one with Special Needs.